Occupational Safety: The Employee (General)

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Corso generale sulla sicurezza in lingua inglese.
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The objective of general training of employees, in compliance with the State Regions Agreement in force since 26 January 2012, is to provide general knowledge on the concepts of damage, risk, prevention, to provide knowledge with respect to the legislation and supervisory organs on safety and health at work.
The following objectives have been defined at the base of the planning and realization of this training intervention:

• describe the general characteristics of Legislative Decree 81/2008 and the main concepts covered in it;
• describe the characteristics of the rights, duties and sanctions of the various corporate subjects.

The target of General Employee Training course is made up of workers employed both in the public and private sectors (Article 37 of Legislative Decree no. 81/2008), who have the regulatory obligation to provide training / information on the subject of safety, as established by the State-Regions agreement of 21 December 2011 (smi), published in the Official Gazette no. 8 of 11 January 2012.
Prerequisites: No prerequisites are required

Training course pursuant to Article 37, paragraph 2 of Legislative Decree 81/08, governed by the contents of the State Regions Agreement in force since 26/01/12 (subsequent amendments) for all workers employed in the company. According to the State Regions Agreement, training allows workers to know in detail the concepts of risk, damage, prevention and the related behaviors to be adopted in order to protect their own safety and health, and that of their colleagues.
To complete the training course, pursuant to Article 37 paragraph 2 of Legislative Decree 81/08, it is necessary to take advantage of the subsequent specific training modules in the classroom, with duration depending on the risk related to the job, or in e-learning only for low risk.


MODULE 1 - Safety at work: prevention and protection
• Development and general features
• The risk assessment
• General measures for protection, education and training, and health surveillance
• The contract for services and the technical-administrative documentation
• Emergency management
• Training test

MODULE 2 - Players involved and their assignments
• The Institutional System
• Safety people: who has to do what
• Figures involved: other subjects
• Sanctions and regulation in criminal and civil matters
• Training test

Final test

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